Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp®

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Fecha de inicio 14 Aug 2017
Horario Full Day
Sede NYU-New York

The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management Bootcamp® provides in-depth understanding of buy-side modeling from the foundations to the most advanced statistical and optimization techniques, in 6 intensive days of theory and MATLAB live examples and exercises:

Market modeling: random walk, ARMA, GARCH, Levy, long memory, stochastic volatility

Multivariate statistics: non-parametric, non-normal MLE, shrinkage, robust, Bayesian estimation; copula/marginal factorization; location-dispersion ellipsoid

Factor modeling: theory and pitfalls of time-series and cross-sectional factor models, CAPM, APT, principal components analysis, random matrix theory

Pricing: full evaluation, Greeks, stress-matrix interpolation; analytical, Monte Carlo, historical

Risk analysis: diversification, stochastic dominance, expected utility, Sharpe ratio, Omega, Kappa, Sortino, value at risk, expected shortfall, coherent and spectral measures

Portfolio construction: robust/SOCP optimization, shrinkage/Bayesian allocations, Black-Litterman and beyond; transaction costs, liquidity, market impact; statistical arbitrage; convex/concave dynamic strategies, CPPI, delta-replication

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